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Welcome!Thank you for visiting my clickbook.net webpage. The purpose of this site is to streamline how students schedule meetings with me. I hope that you find this process more efficient. Below you will find several categories of meetings. Please select the type of meeting that best reflects the purpose of the meeting that you are scheduling. Please note the time parameters for each meeting, the number of hours of advanced notice I need for the meeting, and the maximum number of meetings you can schedule each month (i.e., meeting restrictions). Prior to completing the meeting request, you will see a “add comments” field. Please use this to provide more detail about our meeting. For example, you could list a tentative agenda featuring topics that will be discussed at the meeting or perhaps what you plan to accomplish at the meeting. To use this system, you will need to complete a new customer registration form. The only information that I need from this form is your name, email address, and contact number.
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Kamau Oginga Siwatu PhD
Professor of Educational Psychology and Program Coordinator

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